Ik kwam dit tegen in de conclusie “Asymmetry, Symmetry and Beauty” geschreven door Hector Sabelli, Atoor Lawandow and Abbe R. Kopra.
‘Symmetry is beautiful because it renders stability, asserts Shu-Kun Lin [49]; nevertheless, he adds, symmetry is in principle ugly because it is associated with information loss. From a different esthetic perspective, asymmetry is beautiful because it overcomes stability and drives evolution and the generation of complexity. Symmetry is beautiful because it embodies order rather than decay, disorder and rest. High entropy implies complexity, not necessarily disorder. But also asymmetry contributes to order and beauty; in fact, the mathematical definition of order is lattice asymmetry, and the asymmetric divine or golden proportion φ = 1.618… has been a cannon of beauty in architecture and painting since Phidias. While the geometric symmetry of a face often conveys beauty, in reality human faces always show a degree of mathematical asymmetry, and their asymmetry contributes to esthetic pleasure.’

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